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Welcome to the ND DOU Team Bazaar!

If you feel like sharing a team you've built, you may do it here! Tournament team dumps may be posted here as well.

There are some rules, however:
  • Please include your team as a importable PokePaste for the convenience of others.
  • Your team may be used by others, so please ensure it's something you've tested and functions as it should.
  • Provide at least a few sentences about your team, your thought process when building it, how it plays, any relevant EV spread calcs, etc.
Here's an example of an excellent post by Iceberg77 of what a team posted might look like:

Week 1 vs Despacito87 (W)
Going into week 1, I wanted to keep things simple and go with the team structure that I thought would be the most reliable into any matchup, which of course ended up being a Zygarde / Zamazenta / Jirachi core. This team was heavily inspired and influenced by one of the teams that Nido-Rus used to win Kickoff; this team maintains the same essential structure but replaces Marshadow and Volcanion with Zamazenta and Glimmora in order to orient the team's focus even further in the Zygardian direction. The gameplan here is to spread as much damage as possible in the early game through the combination of toxic spikes + Seismic Toss, then set up with Zygarde and win by easily cleaning up all of the weakened targets. I think this team does a good job of utilizing Zygarde to its near-maximum potential, and it synergizes so well with Kangaskhan whose consistent guaranteed ~50% damage output is just unreal for wearing even the bulkiest teams down.
:sv/scizor-mega: :sv/volcanion: :sv/rillaboom: :sv/zygarde: :sv/chien-pao: :sv/tornadus:
Scizor is weak to fire, volcanion is not weak to fire. 4 def guarentees it takes 2 chien pao sucker punches, allowing it to beat it 1v1. Rillaboom's grassy terrain, leftovers and substitute make volcanion immortal. Zygarde is there to beat steels/volcanions/be fat sweep. Chien pao beats mence and boosts thousand arrows. Tornadus is speed control.
Edited to give scizor 4 speed to outspeed raging bolt. May be useful to pick it off if it's low.

:sv/Kommo-o: :sv/Ogerpon-Hearthflame: :sv/Glimmora: :sv/Salamence-Mega: :sv/Kingambit: :sv/Rillaboom:
Built around Kommo-o. Glimmora's hazards help chip the enemy for epic kommo-o sweep, also beats steels/flyings/fires if needed. Most of the team's roles are self explanatory, but now that it's been more than 5 minutes I forgot my thought process for most things. Tera rock rillaboom is a funny set, I think Shoe was the inventor of it. Works here because the team struggles slightly vs volcanion/zardY/salamence. Thank you eragon for making a bulky firepon set, though it looks to just equalise def and spdef.

:sv/Charizard-Mega-Y: :sv/Flutter Mane: :sv/Chi-Yu: :sv/Raging Bolt: :sv/Zygarde: :sv/Tornadus:
Started with Standard Sun Core (flutter, chi-yu, ZardY)+ tornadus. Thinking I'd get walled by fires, and since I already had tailwind covered, I replaced the normal tailwind on ZardY with scorching sands. This was the correct decision, allowing it to break past a heatran during my game with Nido. Added great neck to break waters, pick off stuff on low health and zygarde check (a bit). Zygarde to break fires again, bandgarde is pretty good on sun.
Edited to change flutter spread from 84 hp 92 def to 152 def. Same physical bulk (guarantee living sash pao ice spinner from full), but saves 20 evs which are invested into spatk. Optionally you could move those evs from spatk into speed, which would allow you to outspeed Tapu Koko and other mons at <= 130 speed

a list of all the good teams i've made, some of them might not be analysed here
Legal teams: (kommo-o + gambit) ('standard' lawnmower) (sun) (yawn mega kang + jirachi + dance zygarde, this one's so annoying but really good) (fini + heatran) (something something indeedee + cb zygarde sun. use the other one) (mega hera) (lawnmower + glimmora + marsh-pao) (Gholdengo+ glimmora + DD salamence, I feel like there's a chance Jello's already built this and I'm going to get slapped for copying)

Illegal teams (tornshifu) (ironpress zamazenta + dd mega salamence semiroom and a diancie in mega metagross meta, EatFoods will kill me if I don't mention she wanted bloodmoon) (mega mence + zeraora coaching) (megagross + bandgarde, this one should still be fine after shifu ban, i suppose it's good because spencer j rocks won a tour round with it) (most boring megagross team ever, never actually got to using it in a tour before mmeta ban but it passed testing. there's also a version with marshadow -> chien pao) dragon dance salamence + z-flying roost zapdos, illegal = Zamazenta. Made this the day before Zama ban
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:aron: :porygon2: :diancie: :camerupt_mega: :tyranitar: :grimmsnarl:
I recently complete a suspect 29-1 with this team, second suspect I've done with aron, so thought I'd share the team this time around and do a breakdown
Such a concept would be blasphemy, aron is not just a powerful weapon of war, aron is a lifestyle and belief system
Also it gets bulldoze and sandstorm which are important moves so it's just better here
Funnily enough, I did run into a togedemaru on my exact last match of this suspect
Aron @ Berry Juice
Ability: Sturdy
Level: 1
Tera Type: Ghost
EVs: 1 HP
IVs: 0 HP
- Endeavor
- Protect
- Sandstorm
- Bulldoze
The centre piece of the entire team and surprisingly this time I managed to make quite good use of it. Firstly with the obvious endeavor to bring any opponent down to low enough health to be finished off by a partner's spread move, of which there is many, or by the sandstorm. Protect is an easy pick to better position and protect against priorities. Sandstorm and bulldoze may look like just filler, and in fact they are! However, whenever I click either of these they're always impactful, whether it be sandstorm to reset sand after it runs out, to win weather wars, or to outplay a protect or sucker from the opponent, or clicking bulldoze to proc either weakness policy and buff lash out on ttar, also allowing for a kill on ground/steel/rock opponents.
Tyranitar @ Weakness Policy
Ability: Sand Stream
Tera Type: Ghost
EVs: 252 HP / 164 Atk / 92 SpD
Brave Nature
IVs: 0 Spe
- Rock Slide
- Lash Out
- Protect
- High Horsepower
An obvious pairing with aron (I'm not using gigalith), setting sand for it as well as benefitting from bulldoze activating wp with basically no drawback, hence lash out over knock off for the burst when I need it. Fourth slot is a toss up, never found myself clicking it basically, probably ice punch would be nice for zygardes but didn't run into any ngl
Grimmsnarl @ Light Clay
Ability: Prankster
Tera Type: Steel
EVs: 252 HP / 252 SpD / 4 Spe
Calm Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Parting Shot
- Light Screen
- Reflect
- Taunt
Doesn't support aron directly but helps with the rest of the team a lot, I've always liked trick room + screens because it allows easier set up and basically cover for any offensive threat they may have even under room or when it goes down, especially good with weakness policy and diancie. Taunt is a huge addition to beat ladder, it allowed me to shut down so many gimmicks, but also improves matchups against opposing taunt which is a big flaw to this team.
Diancie @ Weakness Policy
Ability: Clear Body
Tera Type: Grass
EVs: 248 HP / 8 Atk / 252 Def
Relaxed Nature
IVs: 0 Spe
- Protect
- Diamond Storm
- Body Press
- Trick Room
My favourite mon to use in the past few months, can set trick room relatively consistently as long as it doesn't get taunted with its amazing bulk and with or without room can run away with games. Also, dstorm buff + sandstorm spdef buff + dual screens + wp boost, what's not to love.
Porygon2 @ Eviolite
Ability: Trace
Tera Type: Ghost
EVs: 252 HP / 4 SpA / 252 SpD
Sassy Nature
IVs: 0 Atk / 0 Spe
- Trick Room
- Teleport
- Ice Beam
- Recover
Pretty clearly the best setter for this team to me, being a bulky setter with teleport to pivot out. Also combos well with aron, being able to safely bringing ttar at the end of the turn to kill endeavored mons. I picked recover over protect here for more longevity in the long run at the cost of making it harder to play around taunt and fake out. I've had a couple games where that definitely came into play and allowed me to win endgames but even now I'm not too convinced it's better since protect is amazing.
Camerupt-Mega @ Cameruptite
Ability: Solid Rock
Tera Type: Fire
EVs: 248 HP / 252 SpA / 8 SpD
Quiet Nature
IVs: 0 Atk / 0 Spe
- Heat Wave
- Ancient Power
- Earth Power
- Protect
Last but not least is camerupt. Cam is an excellent wallbreaker, able to ram through mons that would otherwise cause me troublem, especially physical walls, and providing a cover for steel types. I've always loved using this mon in room, not as bulky as I'd think at times but with screens and/or trick room it can absolutely destroy teams (as soon as it hits the heat wave)
DISCLAIMER: This is by no means a good team and I would not recommend it as trick room is just hard to play as is, but it is a good bit of fun on ladder this red card self-double-kill was too hilarious not to add one of my 2 wins against Astro Nation Shoe
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"Thunderclap Trap"
:sv/gothitelle: :sv/scream-tail: :sv/incineroar: :sv/zygarde: :sv/marshadow: :sv/raging-bolt:

An attempt to incorporate Perish Trap into a working team that does not rely on the gimmick entirely to function.
Perish Song exists to remove troublesome leads such as Trick Room, setup sweepers and gimmicks via repeated Fake Out, Parting Shots and Encores. Zygarde, Marshadow and Raging bolt serving as the main damage dealers who can pose as immediate threats at the start of the game or cleanup duty once their checks have been removed by Perish Song.
Gothitelle's Shadow Tag can ensure mons like Urshifu-Rapid and Tornadus cannot escape freely from Raging Bolt's Thunderclaps. Alternatively it can keep in mons weakened by repeated Parting Shots/Intimidates to allow for Zygarde to set up Dragon Dances with little worry.
I have gotten better in this format just to use "bad" mons I think have potential or are fun to use so herer the better ones

:SV/Aegislash: Aegislash
:tapu fini: :iron hands: :aegislash: :landorus-therian: :salamence-mega: :zamazenta:
I explained this team better in the teambuilding comp so I will not explain much but basically:

Aegislash- I tought it had potential so I tried it out and it's okay, lives a lot of hits you think it doesn't and does good damage with a z-move
Tapu Fini- Urshifu counter that also deals with a lot of threats, should be other tera maybe
Iron Hands- Good support mon, one of the coolest SV Mons
Zamazenta- First drafts of this team would lose hard to Kingambit, afterwards Astro started to beat it with tera ghost chien pao so I added crunch
Lando-T- EV'd to live a freezy dry from bundle and the rest into attack, I like intimidate mons with assault vest so I used my favourite one
Salamence- Best mega and best answer to the fighting menaces in the tier

:SV/Sandy Shocks: Sandy Shocks
:Incineroar: :Sandy Shocks: :Rillaboom: :Kingambit: :Ursaluna-Bloodmoon: :Salamence-Mega:
Sandy Shocks is my favourite paradox so I tried to find a niche, which it has a few but I made this pre-dlc so it didn't had electroweb

Incineroar- Fake out and intimidate are always good support options, Incin helps with Rilla which beats your ground types
Sandy Shocks- Sandy outspeeds scarf shifu by 1 point and ohkoes it, Heavy Slam ohkoes no bulk flutter and its good against fairy types, earth power is a good neutral option against most targets , tera ice for the dragons
Rillaboom- Fake out support and strong hits are good, glide is good to pick off weaker mons
Kingambit- Makes so that people dont just intimidate sandy so that heavy slam is better, its just a good mon that you all know
Bloodmoon- I needed a special attacker that does well into trick room, so I picked the coolest one
Salamence- Same reason as the other team, just the best option for most teams

:SV/Mamoswine: Mamoswine
:Mamoswine: :Urshifu-Rapid-Strike: :Incineroar: :Salamence-Mega: :Flutter Mane: :Tornadus:
Mamo stab combination matches well into the tier, as long your prayers are up to date, hitting your moves is the biggest pain on mamo

Mamoswine- Outspeeds -1 flutter, hits most things really hard
Urshifu- Benefits from tailwind/icy wind and also hits hard
Incineroar- Same reasons listed in the team above
Salamence- You know the drill by know
Flutter- I used a diferent version of this team on swiss and lost partially because flutter wasnt fast enough, so speed booster and icy wind makes for good support speed and power
Tornadus- Best tailwinder and good with z-move


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:glimmora::rillaboom::flutter mane::tornadus::zamazenta::metagross-mega:
the team core is ironpress zama.i build this tesm because ratpacker used it won me lol

:chien pao::rillaboom::gholdengo::tornadus::urshifu-rapid-strike::gardevoir-mega:
this team i bulit in order to against ratpacker.i found cb urashifu+ life orb pao is very nice on many silutions,especialy vs cocahing.

:charizard-mega-y::kingambit::flutter mane::diancie::ogerpon-hearthflame::zeraora:
i found many players used zard sun in ladder,but compare these teams,i dont find a zard sun which adapt me.i tried dragon z walking wake,fire z chiyu,ghost z mane,etc.i think if your zard team just put the Protosynthesis mons,it really not i tried and tried,made this team at last
I just played Riggerz and won 2-1 at a National Dex DOU

Rizzgerz is very skilled but I managed two clutch it out in the final battle.

The First Battle: - The battle was an absolute slaughter. King gambit steamrolled me, +1 sucker was no joke. The glimmora gave me trouble too. Watch out for this pair!

The Second Battle: - Another wipe out! This one in my favor, this gimmik strategy is fun but hard to pull off. Good thing he didn't have haze!

The Final Battle: - Close as ever! The battle was a back and forth. I brought the same team because I thought it would be an easy win. Then he lead Salamance, this guy got duel wingbeat which killed Eevee. So I thought that skill swapping the Intimidate would be smart, until he became mega. But I pulled the game back!

Here is the team, enjoy! -
I am only very new to pokemon showdown but ive been winning nearly all my games with this surf Araquanid team.
Most players wont expect a special attacking Araquanid due to its very low special attack stat but due to its ability and tera water, surf hits like a truck, but sadly Araquanid has very low speed meaning getting up sticky webs, agility or even nasty plot or all 3 (i like to use mew and ribombee) will really strengthen it. Then you can use a telepathy gardevoir to setup rain dance and then use helping hands for even more damage boosts. And then specs fluttermane and grassy glide rillaboom as a secondary offensive side of the team
The team:
You can also run a eevee to set up quicker but its a lot more risky and predictable in my opinion.
I typically open with the mew and ribombee, get up sticky webs and use agility, then depending on if i can maybe set up a nasty plot or just baton pass, then bring out gardevoir and the araquanid and start sweeping
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Teal Ogerpon Psyspam

Normally Teal Mask is the lesser form of Ogerpon due to it lacking a secondary STAB and not having access to the masks as an item. But what sets it apart is that it has Defiant and upon Tera can boost its speed to outspeed everything aside from speed booster Flutter and Iron Bundle. With Defiant and having 1 STAB move, it can punish mons annoying for psyspam by running Grass + Fighting + Fairy coverage to kill Scarf Lando-T, Mega Salamence, and Incineroar which it can kill even without Tera. The rest is pretty basic Psyspam, was using Celesteela to help against Trick Room and Mega Metagross. Just beware of Fullroom when using this team as most of my losses with this were due to Fullroom.

Double Setup Jirachi

This was also the team I used against Jello in NDFL finals, very solid and easy to pilot team, has two very strong setup guys and a Flutter Mane. Try to weaken the enemy team with your Volcanion and Flutter Mane then setup one of your sweepers and punch as many holes as you can afford to in the enemy team before fainting. Then clean with Rillaboom, Flutter Mane, and Volcanion. Volcanion spread on both teams are the same and lets Volcanion always live two Specs Shadow Balls from Flutter Mane. Similarly, Rillaboom's spread lets it always live Two Specs Moonblasts from Flutter Mane.

Kartana Sand

Kartana is a very fun mon and completely demolishes balanced playstyles by virtue of the attack stat and Beast Boost. Zamazenta helps Kartana in getting going by giving it Howl boosts to OHKO desired targets with Leaf Blade to then snowball. Rillaboom gives the team proper Water resistance especially from special targets and boosts Kartana's Leaf Blade further. Landorus-T fends off annoyances such as Mega Metagross and Marshadow with Intimidate and Choice Scarf. Sand Rush Vish and Mega Tyranitar are underexplored in my opinion and help a lot against the annoyance that are Sun and Mega Salamence Hyper Offense. Kartana's Attack investment lets it OHKO Kingambit with Sacred Sword while dumping the rest in Special Defense for things like Volcanion Steam Eruption and Mega Salamence Hyper Voice.
Swords Dance Kartana Balance

:sv/kartana: :sv/tapu-fini: :sv/incineroar: :sv/iron-hands: :sv/landorus: :sv/salamence-mega:

Simple balance team surrounding Kartana, who has Swords Dance to boost its monstrous attack coupled with Grassium Z (aka Bloom Doom) to nuke Pokemon such as Landorus-I and Palafin. Tapu Fini is able to switch into the Fire- and Fighting-types that threaten Kartana, while offering speed control in Icy Wind, allowing it to outspeed Max Speed Mega Metagross at -1, and breaking through Dragon-types with Moonblast. Incineroar lets Kartana setup easier with Fake Out support or Parting Shot, giving it good switch-ins against Pokemon like Ogerpon-W who threaten Incineroar, while forming a Grass/Water/Fire core. Iron Hands also offers Fake Out support, while scaring away Flying-types like Corviknight and Mega Charizard Y with Wild Charge; it can come in on Rock- and Electric-type moves that scare Incineroar and Tapu Fini as well. Landorus-I gives me power on the special side, benefits greatly from Icy Wind speed control, and can threaten bulky Steel-, Fire- and Fairy-types such as Heatran, Gholdengo, opposing Incineroar and Tapu Fini. Lastly, Mega Salamence adds additional speed control in Tailwind, is a great mixed attacker with Hyper Voice and Frustration, adds more Intimidate support for the team, and forms a Steel/Fairy/Dragon core with Kartana and Fini.


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:xy/charizard-mega-y::xy/raging bolt::xy/tornadus::sv/flutter mane::xy/heatran::ss/rillaboom:

Very fun team I made for Astro for NDWC

Astro requested a :raging bolt: team, so I started with :charizard-mega-y::raging bolt::tornadus:
Given that I really hate mgross meta, my first thought was to build a sun team. :raging bolt: and :charizard-mega-y: are able to cover each other's weaknesses and coverage well.
I really like this bulky charizard set as it is able to live multiple hits while providing utility or damage. :tornadus: splits sun and tailwind duties with :charizard-mega-y: while also firing a powerful Z-move.

:flutter mane:
Defensive tera because getting bullet punchered mattered. a lot. it's also nice to cover for rilla zama, you generally can get the surprise if you need a kill

Eruption under the sun hurts. A lot! Scarf set for the surprise advantage and last move should be flamethrower or something.

Covers psyspam, helps vs trick room, just the usual rilla role

:charizard-mega-y::raging bolt:
Dragon Cheer! Be aware that crit rate drops from 100 to 50% if you tera :raging bolt:
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:sv/Landorus-Therian: :sv/Incineroar: :sv/Zamazenta: :sv/Gholdengo: :sv/Iron-Hands: :sv/Salamence-Mega:
The fun and good team that JT and me created for NDWC so lets break down the functions and EV's


Rocks setter aswell as being a good intimitdate pivot, meaning that most physical attackers are forced to switch out-> take rocks damage
The EV spread is just to be as strong and fast possible considering it doesn't hit any true speed tier


Another intimidate user while creating free turns with fake out, the basic incin function
The spread on Incin is quite high on Def because I needed it to take hits from stuff like +1 Sword of Ruin Thousand Arrows to counter it
Here are some exemples of the bulk
+1 252+ Atk Zygarde Thousand Arrows vs. 236 HP / 148+ Def Incineroar: 254-302 (65.1 - 77.4%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
-1 252 Atk Life Orb Marshadow Close Combat vs. 236 HP / 148+ Def Incineroar: 283-335 (72.5 - 85.8%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
+1 0 Def Sword of Ruin Zamazenta Body Press vs. 236 HP / 148+ Def Incineroar: 330-390 (84.6 - 100%) -- 6.3% chance to OHKO
252 SpA Choice Specs Flutter Mane Moonblast vs. 236 HP / 96 SpD Incineroar: 235-277 (60.2 - 71%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

Standard IDBP set to seize the free turns created by fake out and to beat stuff like Flutter, Wide guard over protect or snarl to have a better time against sun, psyspam and camel and ursaluna bloodmoon trick room


Gholdengo is definitely going to pick up in usage, with scarf being able to beat so many of the bigger threats in the meta
Trick neutralizes many set up sweepers and support mon while just having the scarf allows it to beat the faster threats of the metagame like Deo and Pao
speaking of Pao the main target of the spread was to live its sucker punch
252 Atk Sword of Ruin Chien-Pao Sucker Punch vs. 48 HP / 12 Def Gholdengo: 296-350 (90.5 - 107%) -- 37.5% chance to OHKO
while also having ohko on bulkless flutter after rocks
196 SpA Gholdengo Make It Rain vs. 0 HP / 4 SpD Flutter Mane: 222-264 (88.4 - 105.1%) -- guaranteed OHKO after Stealth Rock


Awnsers sun with tera fire, hit mence and zyg hard with ice punch and its good against trick room,overall good mon that I'm surprised that doesn't have more usage
The EV spread is pretty standard so I won't go into details


The king of the megas right now, helps to patch so many things in teams. Weak to Rillaboom?Use Mence. Need a strong Intimidate mon? It has your back
I EV'd it with a lot of Atk to ohko Zardy in case of sun
172 Atk Aerilate Salamence-Mega Double-Edge vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Charizard-Mega-Y: 297-351 (100 - 118.1%) -- guaranteed OHKO

The team is great and will probably remain relevant for a while considering how much you can change around it

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